The 4 “BE’s” to Improve Your Family’s Fire Safety This Winter

The weather outside is frightful… and the fire is so delightful… (as long as the fire is contained in your fireplace!)

fire safetyIt may be the most wonderful time of the year for a lot people, but the cold weather brings some concerns with it. Unexpected events that require the aid of a disaster restoration company in the winter are often related to ice damage and flooded basements; but actually, house fires could be the highest risk facing your home this winter. In fact, winter is the season when house fires are most common. As the temperature drops, your desire to stay toasty, cozy and safe inside with your family increases, and now that Black Friday has passed and your holiday shopping is coming to an end, your next focus this winter should be keeping your family safe by attending to your home’s fire safety and preparing for unexpected events. Here are four “BE’s” this winter that will help you avoid the the stress of dealing with fire damage or smoke removal.

  • BE careful with your space heater. Space heaters are a portable and easy way to quickly make even the coldest room warm and comfy. However, they do come with some risks and need to be treated with care. While it may be tempting to use an extension cord with your space heater to increase its portability, space heaters require more electricity than extension cords are designed to handle, so you should never plug your space heater into an extension cord. Additionally, be sure to keep your space heater at least two feet away from any combustible materials (like cleaning supplies) on all sides. Be sure to turn your heater off when no one is in the room, and don’t leave children alone near a space heater.
  • BE sure you pick a safe heater. Prepare for and prevent unexpected events. Purchase safe heaters that have been approved by Underwriter Laboratories (UL,) a global safety consulting and certification company. Products with a UL certification have passed very stringent requirements and are proven to be trustworthy, so make sure you look for that when you’re shopping for one. Another way to greatly reduce the possibility of needing fire damage restoration is by picking out a heater with a tip-over switch. Some space heaters on the market today are built with a switch that automatically turns the heater off if it ever tips over. Fire restoration companies who offer smoke removal services are often called upon because a space heater without a tip-over switch fell over and caused fire damage.
  • BE smart. This doesn’t just mean to be intelligent and make wise choices (like reading the manufacturer’s guidelines instead of just throwing them away). It means using devices like smart smoke detectors and wall outlets. Smart smoke detectors and carbon monoxide detectors take much of the guessing out of fire safety. They send alerts directly to your phone, can be managed from an app and monitor their own battery life. Smart wall outlets also bring your home’s fire safety into the 21st century. Smart outlets can automatically turn off devices such as toasters and coffeemakers that are notorious fire starters. Smart outlets are a great way to start fireproofing your kitchen (and the rest of your home as well).
  • BE proactive. This time of year should be spent enjoying the warm comfort of your home with loved ones, not dealing with the aftermath of a house fire. When you embody the four “BE’s” of family fire safety, you are giving your family the gift of safety from winter’s most usual suspect of unexpected events. May your winter season be warm, cozy and fire safe.

If you live in the Midwest and are in need of fire damage restoration or smoke removal, rest assured that you can turn to Hays + Sons we’re just a phone call away. For years, Hays + Sons been proud to help our communities in their time of greatest need. Contact us if you are in need of restoration because of a flooded basement, frozen pipes, mold, etc. and of course, fire damage.

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